Most ANNOYING Arkansas Sports Media Members Bracket 2020 Edition


Ah yes, my favorite part of the year. The time of March Madness filled with buzzer beaters, Cinderella stories, One Shining Moment and so much more. Um… Did I mention finding out which Arkansas sports media members irk you???

If only I could take credit for this fantastic idea. Alas, I cannot. Shout out to The Spun for giving me the inspiration I needed to forge ahead. Their bracket from last year is below.

Unfortunately, last year’s Arkansas bracket was lost because brackify no longer exists. A real bummer. I’m also ignorant and didn’t keep the bracket standings outside of the dead link below. My bad…

Wallace Hall won last year. That’s about all I remember. Will he repeat???

Let’s be clear about something. This is supposed to be a good time. Don’t take it over the top. I disagree with people on this list, but don’t hate anyone. I’ve grown up listening/reading/watching many people on this list. On top of that, I’ve come to know a decent amount of em. Good guys/gals.

Except Phil Elson. Screw that dude.

Since moving to hosting The Morning Rush, I have received more exposure which leads to more compliments and trolls. My guess is, most of the radio hosts make it pretty far in this list. You put yourself out there a lot more in that field.

Calvin and Hobbes (best comic ever)

Not a single member reached out to me about this in anger last year. Let’s hope the trend continues.


  • first and second rounds ends by March 8th
  • Sweet 16 and Elite 8 ends by March 15th
  • Final Four and Natty ends March 22nd

Lots of time people.


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You have to make an account to vote. It takes 10 seconds. Really easy

BTW: The seeds are random. Ranking people seems a little over the top.

Saddle up. It’s going to be a fun couple of weeks.


  1. This is your bracket Tye, do it how you want, Random is just fine. Everybody is an expert, after the fact… Hind sight is always 20/20 .. Mondy morning QBs .. Arm chair QBs .. I think that’s all of em.


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