Pittman, Hogs’ staff will finally be able to hold ‘virtual’ meetings with players

While it’s still not getting on the field, new Arkansas coach Sam Pittman and his staff will be able to hold online meetings with players during the downtime caused by the ongoing health crisis.

This comes from a report from on Friday evening that obtained a copy of a memo from the SEC office to member schools.

They had not been able to take advantage of modern technology for virtual instruction, position meetings and other activities during the pandemic after everything was halted March 13 when students were sent home.

Most of the spring break ends this week and campuses will be closed, but the schools have gone to online-only instruction and the memo will allow coaches to meet with players but can’t ask the players to get video of their workouts.

With many gyms and workout facilities closed across the country, the players are having to go back to old-school type excercises in many cases.

Nobody knows what the schedule going forward could be, as Pittman told the media last week. For an almost completely new coaching staff he’ll take what he can get now.

As he said, “everybody is in the same boat.”

Which could change a lot of things when the ball starts getting thrown around.