If Hogs want alternate uniform, Stoerner has pretty good idea


Before anybody starts jumping up and down, nobody is saying it’s official or just a good Photoshop but former quarterback Clint Stoerner’s twitter thing Saturday isn’t a bad looking option:

I’m more of a traditionalist, but this is not something as hideous-looking as the gray stuff Arkansas keeps flirting with for various uniforms.

It’s been a constant source of confusion to me for a few years now why somebody in the junior varsity marketing department over at the UA keeps fiddling around with one of the most unique brands in sports.

Come on now, how many other Razorbacks are there? It’s as unique of a brand as the most valuable professional sports franchies.

There simpy aren’t any others. Still, somebody thinks it’s a good idea to keep trying to re-invent the wheel as something other than round. That logo they use that looks more like Arkansas State leaps to mind immediately.

The gray-looking mess they’ve tried to wear a few times lands somewhere along in there which maybe is a concoction by an apparel company who designs the worst-looking uniforms in the history of sports when they don’t have adult supervision.

The argument some have convinced themselves is accurate is the best players want to wear these clown suits.

That is hogwash.

Not one time have I seen a quote that a five-star recruit chose a school to wear a particular uniform one time a year. That’s not going to land you a top-ranked class and I don’t care what these kids say publicly.

Besides, if you have a business that does nearly a quarter-billion dollars a year are you going to let the branding and marketing be determined by a bunch of 17 or 18-year-olds with more potential than results at the big-time level?

It was Tex Schramm who designed the Dallas Cowboys’ current uniform in 1983 (with pants that are as green as they are blue in real life). It is still used with very few exceptions and the one thing Jerry Jones hasn’t messed with (outside of the occasional throwback or change).

Schramm had a simple theory:

“When people turn on the TV and see that uniform I want them to know it’s the Dallas Cowboys they are looking at.”

His theory was how the uniform looked on TV was all that mattered designing them and he was right. The overwhelming majority of Razorback fans have never set foot in Razorback Stadium or Bud Walton Arena.

They watch every game on TV.

But if they’re going to do an alternate uniform that’s not a bad look at all … for about one game a year.



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