No press conferences, but Musselman somehow finding ways to hype Hogs

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There are times you watch what Eric Musselman is doing and shake your head.

Nobody in Arkansas has seen what he’s doing. A lot of the SEC hasn’t really seen anything like it.

He knows how to market the Razorbacks, probably better than anybody that’s been around the program and he knows that’s how you get players in this technology-driven world.

Especially in the current health crisis where everything is shut down and communication is being done over computers and mobile devices these day.

Not able to have a press conference?

No problem for Musselman who recorded him talking with new signee Moses Moody … then putting the whole thing up on social media.

Brilliant move.

It helps that his wife, Danyelle has a little experience in front of a camera and house full of people familiar enough with the technical aspects to get it all done.

The result was as good as a press conference and explained the delay in his signing, which had a few fans squirming despite him saying he would sign soon.

“He and his family wanted to read the entire (National Letter of Intent),” Musselman explained early. “Then Moses asked us questions. I just want the fans to understand what a serious-minded young man we’re getting.

“He actually read the thing, wanted to do it alone, wanted to ask questions. That just shows the maturity.”

Moody was able to actually talk about that.

“That’s exactly what it is, a contract,” he said. “So I just wanted to read over the document and see what I was signing. It’s such a big step. I just wanted to be 100 percent sure about certain things. I had a couple of things I didn’t understand because it’s a lot of terminology.”

The delay didn’t bother Musselman, who was apparently in constant communication with Moody and his family.

“I was actually glad it took an extra two days because now you learned a lot more about the process,” Musselman said. “I know you’re going to read your scouting report like that, too.”

Musselman also included the fans, who were able to ask questions as Danyelle provided the moderator part of that.

This may have been done before, but I haven’t seen it or even heard about it.

When you step back and look at the big picture, though, it’s part of why Musselman is putting together a Top 10 class that’s getting the Hogs back into the national picture.

They were ranked in the Top 25 of one of those way-too-early things and even projected as a possible Sweet 16 team based on the strength of this recruiting class and going from one of the shortest teams in college basketball to having a few players that are tall.

Height is the one thing Musselman can’t develop.

But marketing and selling his program is as he showed again Friday night.