NCAA Oversight Committee clears path for football practice plan to start

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We are one more step closer to football practices starting just over a month from now, keeping things on track for the season to start as scheduled at the end of August.

The NCAA Oversight Committee on Thursday passed a recommendation that coaches can begin formally working with their teams on July 13, according to multiple reports.

Earlier this week the plan was leaked with multiple outlets reporting the news.

The recommendation still needs to be approved by the NCAA Division I Council, but that is expected to be a mere formality when they vote June 17.

With most schools starting voluntary conditioning workouts this week in preparation for the six-week period of mandatory workouts including walk-throughs in July with coaches and preseason camp beginning in early August.

Teams with seasons starting Labor Day Weekend (that includes Arkansas) can begin working with players in person July 13, which is 25 days before the official start of fall camp.

Players and coaches will be allowed to use a football in drills starting as early as July 24 in walk-throughs and meetings totaling 20 hours per week. Preseason practices can begin as soon as Aug. 7.

Proposed preseason calendar

• Voluntary workouts: June 1-25 (virtual instruction 8 hours per week)

• Mandatory workouts: July 13, 25 days before first permissible preseason practice date

• Walk-throughs and meetings: July 24, 14 days before first preseason practice date (8 hours weight training, 6 hours walk-through with football, 6 hours for meetings)

• Preseason practices: Aug. 7, 29 days before first game (20 hours per week)