Burks due for breakout season and Briles could be guy to break him out

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We saw glimpses of Treylon Burks’ potential last season but now there’s a new trigger man plus a new guy in charge of the offense that could actually let Arkansas fans see something special.

That’s not just me. It was fascinating that the previous staff of offensive geniuses couldn’t figure out how to get the hands in the best playmaker on the field.

“He’s one of those guys that anytime he touches the football — whether it’s the jet sweep or if it’s some kind of Darren McFadden ‘Wild Hog’ type of situation or if it’s in a receiver type situation,” former Hogs and NFL quarterback Clint Stoerner said Monday morning with Tye Richardson and Tommy Craft (The Morning Rush) on ESPN Arkansas.

Last year Burks didn’t have a quarterback that could get the ball to him consistently or an offensive coordinator that couldn’t figure something out.

It really shouldn’t have been as hard as they made it appear. Kendal Briles has the pedigree and the track record of being able get the ball to Burks, Mike Woods and Trey Knox and let them make plays.

“I hope Kendal figures out a way to get (Burks) touches consistently,” Stoerner said. “Look, I’m a Texas guy. I know his dad (Art). I’ve watched him ever since he became a coach, watched him at Baylor, at U of H.

“If anybody can find a way to get certain receivers the ball if his last name is Briles you’ve got a pretty dang good chance.”

Burks is someone that’s going to be critical the Hogs bouncing back in any way, shape, form or fashion this year, Burks said.

“He’s gotta be the key cog (in moving the ball),” Stoerner said. “I’m blown away with his ability in the return game.”

The old saying used to be defensive and line of scrimmage but in today’s world of college football you better be able to put points on the board if you want to win games because the offenses are ahead of the defenses due to rules changes.

And that’s the side of the ball where the most talented players want to be now.

“In college football that guy’s the most valuable type of guy in the game and you’ve gotta find ways to get him the ball,” Stoerner said. “Not just in the passing game but throughout the four quarters in different ways in your offense.

“That’s difficult when you’ve got a Feleipe Franks, a Rakeem Boyd and those type of guys but, man, Treylon is special.”

Fans are hoping this is the year they find out just how special he can be.