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Andy Hodges

‘Pig Trail Nation’s Carroll says no reason for SEC to make quick decision

Football should be played in the fall, says Jason Carroll of ‘Pig Trail Nation’ and he’s right about the SEC shouldn’t be in a hurry to decide on season.



While a lot of the knee-jerk media apparently keeps trying to tell people there can’t be a college football season, Jason Carroll of Pig Trail Nation doesn’t think there’s any need to rush.

“What if the numbers start turning around like they did in the Northeast?” Carroll on Tuesday afternoon told Phil Elson, Matt Jenkins and Matt Travis (Halftime) on ESPN Arkansas.

It’s not a particularly popular opinion. But it is the correct decision to be made, despite everyone apparently making the most dire predictions for whatever reasons.

“If you are a football player you know at any point in time you know at any point in time one play could be the end of your career because of the health reasons,” Carroll said. “You go into a football game or a practice … look at Rawleigh Williams a few years ago … you never know when your moment is going to end.

“How do you approach that differently as a football player than what you approach this with? The only difference is that affects you and this can potentially affect everybody else.”

That is the sticking point for most people. How you view personal accountability is probably how your view of the whole thing is shaped.

It is the problem with playing games in the spring, which is not really any sort of possibility from a health and logistics standpoint.

“They are not going to ever put an athlete in the situation healthwise where you’re playing 20 games, or 24 games or 22 games in a 10-11-month span,” he said. “Everybody says that’s not good for the health of that athlete. That’s why I don’t think a spring season is going to work.

“The approach they’re taking is the correct approach.”

Which is correct. There really is absolutely no reason to make a decision in the middle of July, despite the advice of some media folks who are now experts in medicine.

“The national guys, some of the local guys that want to complain about what the SEC is doing, I think, are out of bounds,” Carroll said. “You should want somebody to be as positive as they can be about trying to do something instead of everything negative.”

Really, all you have to do is look at the numbers correctly. If you test positive for the virus in Arkansas right now you have a 98.9% chance of surviving regardless of age or health. There will be some that have ongoing issues.

But more people die from some common medical procedures than from the virus.

“A lot of those national guys that are criticizing the leagues are guys that want to politicize it or do whatever,” Carroll said. “I honestly think they should be playing.”

Which is a view at least a couple of us agree with.

The numbers say they should if you read the numbers correctly.


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