Apparently Pittman, coaches, being cautious as Hogs start practice

Nobody gets to see Arkansas’ practices, but now we at least have some photos from drills released by Arkansas Communications and it’s clear the coaches are being careful.

As the college football world is collectively doing a lot of head-scratching these days trying to figure out what’s going to happen, the phrase most often uttered is “safety of the players and coaches.”

The numbers, at least now, do not indicate the risk is high for players and coaches at all. Especially the players.

Sam Pittman was wearing a mask, which wasn’t that surprising. As excited about getting his first head coaching job at the school he wanted , he probably would wear a hazmat suit all day long.

At least the SEC is waiting and apparently exploring every possible angle. In California they cancelled the Rose Parade on Wednesday for the first time since World War II. That’s correct, they have shut down an event on Jan. 1 in the middle of July.

Since work on some of those floats for the next year starts the day after the parade pulling the plug now saves folks some time and expense. Other than adjusting some television schedules it really won’t affect much around here.

But Pittman likely isn’t the only coach wearing a mask. That’s probably going to be standard protocol during a season that’s going to be different than anything we’ve ever seen.

However it looks, though, there should be a season.