RECRUITING THURSDAY: Davenport on Hogs landing second-rated kicker

The last time Arkansas had a side-winding blonde kicker it worked out pretty well and that’s what new special teams coach Scott Fountain is looking for with Cameron Little.

When Frank Broyles landed Steve Little out of Shawnee Mission, Kansas, back in 1974, the Razorbacks were set for four seasons with an All-American.

Cameron Little is rated the second-best kicker in the country at, where he would be a 5-start recruit. The main national services don’t pay that much attention.

“You just don’t put out scholarship offers to kickers very often,” Davenport told Tye Richardson and Tommy Craft (The Morning Rush) on ESPN Arkansas Thursday morning. “They like him tremendously.”

Davenport said kicking in the SEC is a major attraction for Little.

“He REALLY likes coach Scott Fountain’s resume and what he did at Georgia with (Rodrigo) Blankenship and some other kickers,” Davenport said.