Notre Dame has Hogs game in discussions for ACC’s 10-plus-one schedule

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South Bend Tribune writer Eric Hansen said on The Morning Rush that a 10-game ACC schedule plus one non-conference game keeps Hogs in mix for game with Irish.

“They are happy to fall in line with what the ACC is doing,” Hansen told Tye Richardson and Tommy Craft (The Morning Rush) on ESPN Arkansas on Friday morning.

Right now, he said, the ACC is looking at a 10-game conference schedule plus one non-conference game to preserve traditional matchups.

Notre Dame’s sticking point is a 93-year rivalry with Navy and the Arkansas game. The Razorbacks at least have a fighting chance with that one because it would be a home game for the Irish while Navy is a road game.

Hansen said Irish coach Brian Kelly is more in favor of playing the Hogs, a game fans have been looking to for years.