Pittman disappointed following Hogs’ 37-10 loss to Georgia in season opener


Arkansas coach Sam Pittman’s complete postgame press conference following a game where the Hogs led throughout the first half.


  1. I moved to Arkansas in 1997 and was amazed at how the state rallied around the hogs. The program under coach Nutt was solid and always competitive. Petrino brought a brand that made the SEC think. Both coaches had an identity on offense and decent defenses. We have ZERO identity now – can’t run or pass. Have not had a great quarterback in years. Special teams are absolutely horrendous and are defenses have been nothing short of embarrassing. How long should a state that has supported this team wait to be competitive? At some point, all fans need to say enough is enough. The loss to Georgia was expected the miscues can no longer get coach speak.


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