Fort Smith radio host fired after post about Hogs’ women’s player


An afternoon radio show host on a Fort Smith radio station was fired Wednesday after derogatory remarks on Twitter about an Arkansas women’s basketball player.

And it didn’t take Razorbacks coach Mike Neighbors long to respond.

Athletics director Hunter Yurachek agreed.

Darren Miner, known as Maverick on-air KMAG 99.1, commented on a tweet from the Hogs’ redshirt freshman Erynn Bynum after she posted some photos of her in uniform sitting on the scorer’s table.

5NewsOnline reported that iHeart Radio area president Clyde Bass told them as soon as iHeart became aware of the comment, they knew it was unacceptable and addressed the matter internally.

5NewsOnline said Bass told them Miner was no longer employed at the station group.


  1. Yes, the Maverick made an inexcusable mistake. No young girl or woman needs or wants that kind of comment, and no man should even think of making it. However, unless management has other past instances or actions similar to this by the Maverick, it seems to me that firing him was a knee-jerk reaction. Perhaps a month suspension without pay and some appropriate classes would be a more appropriate lesson for him and for others who tend to waggle their tongues before engaging their brains.

  2. The article didn’t even tell us what he said that was so bad. Just hearing the responses from coach and athletic director I’m assuming it was nothing because of the pc robot bs response they gave. If anything fire the athletic director because we have no sports and still collects millions. Hell bulldoze the entire university. They steal our money and brainwash our children… Oh and they constantly loose at all sports except baseball and track.

  3. No one cares about women’s bball. Or any women’s sports. Doesn’t mean they can’t keep playing but to fire a guy over something no one cares about is dumb. No one would have even known about it except the fifty people that hang around women’s bball games or practices.

  4. If the big men’s sports didn’t bring in money title nine wouldn’t even be able to exists. The low tier sports and all women’s sports are subsidized by sports people actually want to watch.

  5. Who the hell is Jonathon Marin does he go there or does he even give money there our girls has the right in all sports to play and not be in bash and I back the coach and the AD

  6. To say no one cares about women’s sports is something only a mouth breathing redneck would say. Probably don’t wear a mask either.
    I just watched one of the most exciting moments in Razorback sports Sunday when the 3rd ranked women’s soccer team (I don’t even like soccer but I love the hogs) beat Alabama with the first shot in under a minute in overtime to go 4 – 0 on the season.

  7. Boy it’s embarrassing to be from Arkansas where this kind of ignorance exists so broadly. Trump supporters living in trailers, and against healthcare and minimum wage increases. Go figure…

  8. Cliff Carson

    I like all the Razorback Sports including the Women. Our girls have given us great effort and success thru the years. They are in it to win it just as any other athlete is at the University. Our girls just won their eighth straight SEC Championship in Cross Country and last season they might have been able to win the NCAA indoor season and outdoor seasons for the second straight year. They are a National Force in Soccer, Track and Field, Basketball, and are highly competitive in the other Women’s Sports. They have earned accolades for our University. Get behind them and give them the support they have earned thru their efforts.


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