By reading social media breadcrumbs, apparently Odom staying put

In a day and age where personnel announcements are often made on social media, that’s the platform apparently being used to decide if someone’s staying.

After the reports Monday that Arkansas defensive coordinator Barry Odom was on the short list to join Steve Sarkisian at Texas, some fans were concerned.

Dennis Dodd at first reported the news about Odom and that former Longhorns defensive coordinator Will Muschamp had turned down the job. He may be waiting on another SEC head coaching position to get fired from because that’s turned fairly lucrative for him after payouts at Florida and South Carolina.

Now if you read between the lines of social media posts by the Razorbacks, you get the idea Odom’s not going anywhere.

Not exactly clear, which requires following the breadcrumbs like Joe Foucha’s tweet.

Then incoming freshman and early enrollee Jermaine Hamilton-Jordan had a few tweets.

And Foucha responded.

There also had been rumblings that strength and conditioning coach Jamil Walker might leave, but that apparently isn’t happening, either.

Now the question is if it cost anything to get Odom to stay.